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  • Jason T. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    Spent a week here for my Phase A Instructor Training...they treated me like it was my home gym. Couldn't of had a better experience, props to all the staff for making my trip one to remember. I'll definitely be back to visit and train again!!!

    Jason T.
  • Denise S. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    I had my first class a couple weeks ago, came with a friend who has been going for a while. I will admit that doing the workouts by myself at a gym is nothing compared to doing a class with a group of people in Krav Maga!!Having worked out and learn self defense in one hour, I came away sweating and empowered with knowledge that I can do this! The goal for me was to get in shape, it exceeded my expectations. I'm attending my fifth class tomorrow and going to continue to work until I have completed level 1. All of the instructors are excellent, patient and to the point. I would recommend it to anyone!

    Denise S.
  • Steph H. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    The staff were really helpful and supportive and didn't make me feel self conscious despite my inexperience (and TOTAL lack off bodily coordination lol) and there were students of all ages and walks of life there, who were also welcoming and helpful. Over all, I was really nervous at first, but kravmd has created a really welcoming environment and they strive to make everyone feel at home!

    Steph H.
  • Traci P. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    6 classes so far... Krav, heavy bag and conditioning- they have everything you can imagine to bust your butt! I've never had a workout where I sweat so profusely!!! The instructors push you farther than you thought possible... something I greatly need. Definitely made a believer out of me! So much so that my husband joined too! Thanks Krav Maga MD!!

    Traci P.
  • Katherine K. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    I took a women's self defense class in February, and was inspired by the instructors to give Krav a shot. I signed up later that week. 8 months later, I'm still enjoying the classes, especially Heavy Bag. Not only is it fun, but nothing I've tried thus far has put me in better shape, which wasn't my initial goal. I wanted to learn how to protect myself, which I have. All of the instructors are fantastic and so supportive. I was nervous in the beginning (especially since I was never known to be athletic or that coordinated) but after a short while I started looking forward to coming into train. If you're even the slightest bit curious, I say go for it. I think you'll surprise yourself and find out you're a lot stronger than you think, and discover an aggression you never knew you had that can keep you safe. Can't say enough about how wonderful the instructors and fellow students are!

    Katherine K.
  • Rachel P. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    This place is awesome. I was super nervous to take my first class but my fears were alleviated immediately by their excellent, thoughtful, funny, and motivating instructors. Krav Maga & self defense training is a little intimidating, and you will be thrown out of your comfort zone. But here, those are good things, because you're not only becoming physically prepared, you're mentally prepared as well.

    Rachel P.
  • Meredith S. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    The training quality at Krav Maga Maryland is unrivaled. From the highly competent and emotionally intelligent instructors to the camaraderie and ferocity of fellow Krav students on the mat, KMMD has fostered and achieved a truly unique ecosystem.

    I would highly recommend training here. Whether you are a first timer looking for an introduction to self defense or a long time martial artist seeking out your latest challenge: you can't find better than Krav Maga Maryland.

    Meredith S.
  • Jeff I. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    I visited Krav Maga Maryland for an instructor training course, and I can't say enough good things about the facility and their staff. I trained along side many of their instructors, all of whom were skilled and welcoming. The facility itself is large, clean, and well-outfitted, and their ranking instructors are among the best of the best.

    Jeff I.
  • Neysha M. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    The instructor, Mark didn't make it easy but he made it worth it.

    Neysha M.
  • Daré M. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    If you want to get fit, work out and sweat all while learning how to defend yourself fairly quickly, through basic realistic scenarios, then this is the place to be.. They have a wide range of classes and training to suit any fitness goals. Been a member for about 4 years; no regrets.

    Daré M.
  • Robert S. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    If you go all in then you will learn some good stuff. You will always leave a session feeling worked to the bone. It hurts but is worth it.

    Robert S.
  • John B. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    Jeff Mount and his team of instructors are top notch. They are dedicated to teaching others who want to better themselves. Be ready to sweat and work hard. The facility is clean and the equipment is well maintained.

    John B.
  • Joaquin B. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    Krav Maga Maryland in Columbia is the perfect place to go if you're looking to build your confidence and enhance your personal fitness. I've been a student for about a year and half and can testify from personal experience how much they invest in you.

    In terms of confidence, they take the time to make sure you understand each self defense move by helping you build your skill set at a pace that ensures you will be ready to defend yourself should the need arise. This doesn't mean you will stagnate either. They will help you progress through the "levels" of training, and you will continue to build upon a foundation you gain from the beginning onward as you learn more and more.

    In regards to fitness, they ramp up the intensity as you progress through the training so that your endurance level grows alongside your abilities. Increased fitness means a happier, longer life (and safer given that you're learning how to protect yourself!).

    From my perspective, I'm really glad I started going to Krav. If what I said above resonates with you at all, I think you might too.

    Joaquin B.
  • Bruce P. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    This place is kept very clean. It has spacious rooms for training. It is located in a great area. It is a great place to train.

    Bruce P.
  • Cheri M. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    Krav Maga is one of the most important things in my life. I have never done anything like this, have never even belonged to a gym or played a sport. My nephew recommended it, and when he and I observed a class at Krav Maga Maryland, I thought, "you have to be kidding, I could never do something like this!" A week later I was back for a trial class with Elizabeth and have been training ever since. I am a slow learner and Krav does not come easily for me, which makes it even more worthwhile. I am generally always the oldest person in class, but my teachers have always, always made me feel comfortable. I have been in training for awhile now and the staff is the reason I have stayed. I have the total support of my teachers. Every teacher has been kind and encouraging as well as challenging. They push me to do my best. They inspire me.

    Cheri M.
  • Pamela O. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    I did the Woman's self defense class Sunday - it was fun informative and helpful- the instructors knew their stuff and explained everything so well and made sure everyone saw the demonstration- even did it in slow motion- they were sweet and had great energy- would recommend to all

    Pamela O.
  • Denmark S. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    Excellent facilities and knowledgable staff. Training at Krav Maga MD is both challenging and rewarding. I trained with KMMD for over two years and could not have been more satisfied with the atmosphere and level of professionism exhibited. I really enjoyed my experience so I can wholeheartedly recommend KMMD. I only discontinued my membership because I moved out of state. Joining KMMD was definitely the right choice for me.

    Denmark S.
  • Vinay C. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    If you're looking to train with the best in the industry, this is the place. They offer top notch self defense, fitness, and kids classes. If you're ready to get in the best shape of your life, while learning how to defend yourself, look no further!

    Vinay C.
  • Carolyn D. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    Great women's self defense class with really talented instructors! Learned so much in only 1.5 hours, def. recommend to anyone who wants to feel powerful and prepared!

    Carolyn D.
  • Tony Z. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    Great place to train, Very friendly and helpful staff,. The have awesome Kids classes. I trained there as well as my son. Can't get enough

    Tony Z.
  • Anthony L. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    I just trained at the third party seminar in Columbia md one word awesome ★★★★★

    Anthony L.
  • Chris C. , Krav Maga Maryland Testimonials

    Great training and great exercise. Instructors are knowledgeable and excellent at what they do. So much fun

    Chris C.


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