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  • Excellent, kind, knowledgeable staff. Just started training in Krav Maga and each instructor has taught in a no bull, easy to understand manner. These are all really good people. I highly recommend checking this facility out if you're a beginner or advanced, or call if you just want courteous and detailed information on their training programs. 5 stars *****

    Erik Stanger
  • The Active Shooter Seminar is well structured and organized with tremendous attention to detail. The classroom session Friday evening included a worthwhile survey of case studies and psychological profiles. Saturday morning started with basic combatives and 360 degree pistol defenses. After lunch we applied the same techniques to long guns. Then all the skills we learned were exercised in eight scenarios simulating the sights, sounds, and smells of an active shooter event. I am grateful for the opportunity of this training to help make a split second decision to run, hide, or fight.

    Derek Rustvold
  • If you want to get fit, work out and sweat all while learning how to defend yourself fairly quickly, through basic realistic scenarios, then this is the place to be.. They have a wide range of classes and training to suit any fitness goals. Been a member for about 4 years; no regrets.

    Daré Makun
  • I did the Woman's self defense class Sunday - it was fun informative and helpful- the instructors knew their stuff and explained everything so well and made sure everyone saw the demonstration- even did it in slow motion- they were sweet and had great energy- would recommend to all

    Pamela ODell
  • Krav MD is a safe place to learn skills that can save your or potentially even your loved one's life. Saving lives. .. that requires a high level of compassion! So Krav MD teaches you to be more compassionate toward yourself and others you love or care about through empowering you to do what needs to be done when things get rough.

  • I joined Krav Maga Maryland in August 2014 with absolutely zero martial arts or self-defense experience. It was something I'd always wanted to try, and I chose Krav Maga after learning about it through a friend who was a student and instructor at KMMD. I also liked that KM is geared toward real-world situations - that definitely appealed to my practical side. The sales pitch was certainly very persuasive, but ultimately I chose to sign up, and I'm glad I did. I've been attending classes weekly and have learned so much in the past several months; I've seen a lot of real improvement in myself since my first few classes. My instructors' teaching style is very professional, but they keep the atmosphere light and friendly at the same time. I learn simple yet effective self-defense techniques, get a good workout at the same time, and go home from every class in a really great mood. I'm really glad I made this decision, and I would encourage others to try KMMD!

    Jenny Solpietro
  • Excellent facilities and knowledgable staff. Training at Krav Maga MD is both challenging and rewarding. I trained with KMMD for over two years and could not have been more satisfied with the atmosphere and level of professionism exhibited. I really enjoyed my experience so I can wholeheartedly recommend KMMD. I only discontinued my membership because I moved out of state. Joining KMMD was definitely the right choice for me.

    Denmark Sloan
  • In today's society you never know when you need to react quickly to a threat whether against you or someone you may or may not know. Krav Maga MD not only trains you to be physically ready but mentally confident in your ability to defend yourself. The training you will receive is not just for individuals who are physically fit but all shapes and sizes. I have even had the chance to train with people who were bound to wheelchairs and it is amazing to see how Krav training can help anyone who has the mindset that they will not go down without a fight. If you are looking for practical real world senerio self defense. You have to come to a class I promise you it will change your life...and as far as the other posts concerning a contract if you pay monthly for something you only have to use one time that saves or protects you. It's definitely worth the costs.

    Del C.
  • This place is legit. Trained here for years. It's a factory of badass. Instructors are well qualified, the facility is amazing and the community they've built is awesome. If you want be safer or knock out some personal fitness goals, check out this establishment.

    Alex C.


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