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Never step foot in a boring fitness class again! At Krav Maga Maryland we offer a variety of different fun and high-intensity fitness classes to complement your training. Each location offers a mix of high-intensity classes which focus on areas such as core strength, cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and more! Some of the classes offered include:

Strength & Conditioning:

A daily, functional movement-based workout programmed in-house by our own wonderful coaches. The focus of this class will be fun and challenging fitness with a focus on building practical strength and endurance through the use of barbells, kettlebell, etc.

Bootcamp Conditioning:

Bootcamp Conditioning incorporates body weight exercises with an emphasis on human movement: running, jumping, and climbing. A high-energy workout that focuses on the foundations of movement, agility, and explosivity, you’ll build strength and coordination without the use of barbells or heavyweight.


This once-per-week class will focus on developing specific fitness skills as coach availability allows. Olympic lifting, mobility, gymnastics, body weight, kettlebell… the sky is the limit. This class will cycle through special topics and focus on improvement in very specific categories of fitness through emphasizing the mechanics of movement. Our goal with this Skill class is to improve your movement all-around as a human being. No experience level is required for this class, just a willingness to try new things!

Heavy Bag:

Heavy Bag is an excellent HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout. A mixed “bag” of punching and kicking combinations, body weight work, partner work, you name it. You will need 16oz gloves for this class!

Thai Pads:

Thai Pads provides all the workout of a Heavy Bag class but adds the camaraderie of partner work. Learn how to be a good training partner while mastering the art of pad-holding! Requirements for Thai Pads: 16oz gloves and willingness to learn something new.

Yoga for a Cause:

This yoga class is designed for any skill or mobility level. Can’t touch your toes? No problem. We’ll focus on scalable movements while still providing a traditional yoga experience. This class is available for a donation of $5 for members, $10 for non-members, with all proceeds donated to a different local non-profit each month.

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At Krav Maga Maryland we offer a variety of different fitness classes to complement your training. Each location offers a mix of high-intensity classes which fo ...

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