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Ralph H in Columbia - Krav Maga Maryland

Ralph H

Ralph is a Phase B/Orange Belt instructor at the Columbia location.

Ralph heard about Krav Maga from a friend and started training with Krav Maga Maryland in 2012. Ralph was attracted by the no-nonsense approach of Krav Maga and the constantly evolving nature of the self-defense system. Ralph has an athletic background in Muay Thai, Okinawan Kempo, football, basketball, and softball. Outside of training, Ralph enjoys DJing, coaching youth football, drag racing, and spending time with his wife and pet red-devil cichlid, Kanye. Ralph holds a degree from Columbia Southern University, and his favorite book is Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising.

Ralph’s most rewarding moment of teaching was when he advised that a new student not rush to test, but rather train and improve their technique. That student was tenacious and consistent in their training, showing up for their level 1 test more prepared and set up to crush the physical exam.

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