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Kirk A in Columbia - Krav Maga Maryland

Kirk A

Kirk is an Expert 5/Black Belt instructor at our Columbia location.

Kirk started his training in 2007, first hearing about Krav Maga in the Tom Clancy novel “Splinter Cell.” He has a strong appreciation for martial arts with his strong background in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and San Shou. Kirk loves and appreciates Krav Maga for its reality-based nature.

Kirk holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Notre Dame of Maryland University and works full-time as a telecommunications administrator. Kirk enjoys shooting, rocking climbing, hiking, and whiskey collecting! He has two cats that belonged to his wife before they met (he is also highly allergic to cats.) Kirk’s favorite technique is the bayonet stab defense!

Kirk is always inspired by the commitment and training of his students. For Kirk, and the rest of the instructors, the most rewarding moments in teaching are when a student applies a Krav Maga technique against an attacker. It’s his goal to make sure his students are equipped to always go home safe.

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