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Jeremy R.  in Columbia - Krav Maga Maryland

Jeremy R.

Jeremy is a Phase B/Orange Belt instructor at the Columbia location.

After watching Batman Begins, Jeremy researched self-defense training and learned about Krav Maga. It wasn’t much longer till Jeremy showed up for his first Krav Maga class. Jeremy joined the Columbia training center in 2011 and came to Krav Maga with an athletic background, playing basketball all throughout grade school.

Jeremy studied business management at Coppin State University and is a full-time Program Advisor at Krav Maga Maryland. He describes himself as loyal, adaptable, and semi-bourgeoisie. And if Jeremy were a fish, he’d be a combination Goldfish and a Megalodon shark. When he’s not teaching or being semi-bourgeoisie, Jeremy enjoys naps, playing basketball, visiting museums, and spending time with his loved ones.

Jeremy loves that training Krav Maga reveals a side of people that almost nothing else can! Specifically, Jeremy is passionate about training students with severe physical limitations, working with them to find a way to adapt the training to become safer and stronger.

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