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Evelyn P in Columbia - Krav Maga Maryland

Evelyn P

Evelyn Pearcy is an Expert 1/Blue Belt certified instructor at the Columbia facility.

Evelyn first heard about Krav Maga from her mother, who brought Evelyn into her first class at Columbia in 2013. Evelyn was hooked – she loved being on the mat to work through drills that enabled her to channel aggression and strength, something she never thought was okay.

Evelyn is a freshman at University of Maryland, College Park, studying International Relations and Spanish. Evelyn’s favorite reading is James Baldwin’s book of Collected Essays, and if she were a fish, she would be a barracuda (like the Heart song.

Evelyn’s most rewarding moments of teaching occur when she’s teaching women’s seminars. Evelyn loves seeing women on the mat, discovering their physical ability to grow in strength and confidence!

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