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Don E in Columbia - Krav Maga Maryland

Don E

Don is an Expert 1/Blue Belt instructor and Youth Program Director at the Columbia location.

Don first started his training in 2009 after quitting smoking. Don first heard about Krav Maga from the Tom Clancy novel Splinter Cell.

Don wrestled, played tennis, and ran track in high school, and loves the brutality and efficiency of Krav Maga. Don’s favorite book is American Gods, and works full-time as an active-duty member of the Air Force as a Cryptologic Linguist (Dari). Outside of work and teaching, he is a Boy Scout leader, enjoys D&D, comics, leatherworking, and traveling. Don’s preferred technique is the headbutt!

Don’s most rewarding moment in teaching was when he ran his first youth belt test. Seeing the exhaustion and sense of accomplishment of the students when they finished a four-hour test was incredibly motivating!

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