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Amr. A  in Columbia - Krav Maga Maryland

Amr. A

Amr is a Phase B/Orange Belt instructor at the Columbia training center.

Amr started training in 2009, previously training in Kung Fu and boxing with a little bit of water polo. Amr was attracted to Krav Maga because of the practicality and realism is the self-defense system. His favorite techniques are the defense against dhoke from the side and the advancing side kick. Amr studied economics and political science at Cairo University and business administration from the Baltimore University. Amr currently works in concierge medicine for international patients. His favorite books are Who Moved My Cheese and Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Amr’s most rewarding moment of teaching happened after one of his students was able to recognize potential danger at night outside of her work, using the exact technique that she had learned in his class!

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